Infected by the 'clay bug' June 08 2013

 Hi! This is my very first blog post. For the longest time I stayed away from the commitment it is to write and post ‘good stuff’ online. But it’s time now... the world has to know about my infectious buglets.  I’m not saying that I will only be posting is good...but I will certainly try.

I started a company called: I Bug You. Yes, you read correctly...I Bug You! Not in a bad way...but in the best way. I make these little viruses out of ceramics that are infecting the world with goodness. As I have just started my own business, I’m feeling just tid-bit overwhelmed by all the things that have to be done. The following blog posts I will be revealing my process, my thoughts, and my life as I forge forward with my cunning plan to infect the world.

So this is the short version of my story (The long version has too many ups and downs--tears and laughter):

My name is Beca. I’m an artist (that should explain the ups and downs-tears and laughter...). Anyway—I make these large scale, funky, off-beat sculptures, that sometimes can be scary. Certainly—not for everyone. One day...I was feeling a bit down, and I decided to sculpt these little figurines that were happy! That represented fun, cheerful feelings...the complete opposite of the art work I was producing... and guess what? It worked! I finished the first buglet and I chuckled...and felt much, much better. The second...same result. And so on. The more little buglets I made, the better I felt. They were cute, candy-colored pure fun. So I made and gifted bugs for friends...and they asked for more...more...people just can't get enough of them.

The result?

A pandemic—15 and counting different infectious bugs! Completely handmade, signed and numbered by me. I love making them. Always brings a smile the minute I finish making one. They all have different characters and expression. No matter how much I try, I could never replicate the exact bug again. So they are individual as you and me!

So there you go. I hope not to have bugged you (pun intended!) so much with my story. I will try to write a post every week chronicling my tears and laughter as I navigated the business world. I just hope there will be more laughs and tears!

Check out the buglets here...and pick one for you and someone you care about.

Bye for now!



Infecting the world!